Best loot drop ever: Ding, Level 90!

My DK slugged through Panderia on his own.  As did my Paladin.

A Warrior went through the land along with my wife’s Shaman, and my Druid with my wife’s Druid.  From the Jade Forest to the Dreadwastes.  We tromped a lot of miles.

We also managed to avoid Panderia by boosting two 60’s, my Warrior and my wife’s Warlock, by pre-ordering.

But, otherwise, I can say I’ve seen plenty of Panderia. (And there is a lot that’s very enjoyable to see.)

But that left a few more characters yet I needed to take care of.  I’m thinking now’s the time to strike while the fire’s hot. The end of the last expansion, the next expansion not yet out.  Folks are going to be as well geared as they’re going to be, and if they’re going into the dungeons, they’re going to do so in pretty good gear and with pretty good handle on the events.  I was not wrong.

My Molten Core/Naxxramas raiding Shaman, languishing on an alt server, was at level 82 for easily more than a year.  I pretty much leveled him to 85 by doing archeology (while after the dragon mount alchemy recipe).  And upon hitting level 85, I sent him to the Jade Forest to get the starter gear, and then into the dungeons.  That’s where he dinged level 90.  He did a couple of starter quests in the Jade Forest, but left it intact before Horde and Alliance created the Sha that destroyed the jade statue, and never had a need to venture into the farmlands and beyond.

Once I told the wife about this she thought it might be a way to get our Paladin/Mage couple leveled up without doing all of Panderia.  And so we did.  We quested in the Jade Forest while we waited for dungeons to pop.  We visited maybe half the quests in the forest, the jade statue remains intact, horde and alliance haven’t engaged, and dinged level 90, with full sets of decent (for us) gear.

And the Hunter I undeleted at 85, having sold all his gear and weapons before deleting him, came back, did the starting quest in the Jade Forest to acquire a weapon, crafted a few pieces of gear, bought a few more off the auction house, and he’s level 88 1/2 now, with a full set of gear, needing to upgrade the starting weapon (but holding his own damage-wise without doing so) and he’s barely scratched the surface in the Jade Forest.  He’s just rescued the Humans from the Hozan and gotten down to the Jinyu camp.

My Shaman and Hunter learned the dungeons, the tricks, paths, tactics, and our Paladin and Mage did pretty well.  Tonight they to the portal and do the intro (Iron Horde Invasion) quest.

(And I hope my Hunter can get this as well prior to the 13th.)

And that leaves me, with a small child that gets some attention, and following a 14 month break while I deployed to Afghanistan, and a year before that mostly living out of a motel room, with 8 level 90s before the expansion.  That’s the most “expansion ready” characters I’ve ever had.  And a testament to the accessibility of World of Warcraft.

Dungeon Finder’s been a hoot.  We saw some places we’d never been, killed some bad guys we’d never seen, and aside from the raids, can feel we’ve seen more than we expected to.

Kudos to Blizzard for taking care of us casuals.


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