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Warsong Gulch. Silverwing Sentinels. 2,543,400 reputation needed till friendly.Ha, ha. Just kidding. Only like 2,200 needed till friendly. And that’s after a whole lot of battles. Ogresson, my Dwarf Hunter. He’s a soloist, and not otherwise involved with a lady … Continue reading

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World of Warcrack. The game goes on. And on. I’m sure any player can appreciate what an addiction this game could be. It’s not that there’s been nothing going on, it just that so many different things are going on … Continue reading

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Onyxia Again. In twentyfive minutes. It used to seem impossible. Now it takes twentyfive minutes. Unbelievable! Gear matters. No deaths.

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Onyxia down! Another first for Requiem. The guild has done it again. On an unschedule raid, with less than a weeks notice, some 39 of us got together in Brackenwell Village in Dustwallow Marsh. Our goal was to go trouble … Continue reading

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