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Full clear, both dragons, one night. Shammys on top. Our raid makeup.

Grim Legion returned to Karazhan last night.  What a raid.  Warrior and Paladin shared the tanking duties.  Four, count them, four Shamans in the raid.  Two Restoration, one Enhancement, and one Elemental (yours truly). I did pretty good.  I’ll give … Continue reading

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You’re never alone. Paladin Level 20 Quest, Alliance side.

I think I alluded to it earlier, but when we rescued Jordan’s wife, a quest I’d been given upon reaching level 20 with my Paladin, it wasn’t just me and my wife’s Warrior there at Ms. Jordan’s farm. There was … Continue reading

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Too many days played to still be such a noob.

The home server, Kirin Tor, was down last night when I tried to log on.  Hmmm.  Lucky me I have a crew of folks over on Steamwheedle Cartel.  So does the wife.  What are two altoholics supposed to do? Her … Continue reading

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The Chaos Theory

The wife and I are in different guilds now.  We both appreciate the structure and organization of my guild, but she kind of got sideways of their threshold to raiding.  I made it into their raiding cadre with two characters now, … Continue reading

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Endless rage.

So there I was, in the Blasted Lands, killing a Servant of Razelikh. Well, if you know the guys, you never kill them directly. You attack them until they fade, then you destroy their crystal. But until you destroy their … Continue reading

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Aw. (Sniff.) (Honk.) Hand me another tissue.

Average wait time for Alterac Valley is now 47 minutes. For my Horde characters.  On Alterac Valley weekend.  It used to be 2-3 minutes, tops. Why?  Something about an “Alliance Boycott.” Why are the alliance boycotting?  Because they lose now. … Continue reading

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Uphill, in the snow, both ways.

Was wondering what I had in way of screenshots of interest. Trouble is I had a harddrive crash on me recently.  Lost everything.  Everything, that is, except what was on my laptop.  I routinely transfer over all my music and … Continue reading

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