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The 80 will be close by.

So there I was.  Decked out in heirloom shoulders and chest armor (mail that will become plate), the experience has been coming in fairly quickly.  My new Paladin is now level 33, and he’s played only after I’ve taken care … Continue reading

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All that Int was hocus pocus

The posted a blog headline that read “Goodbye Mana.  Hello Focus.” The reminded me of the old summer camp song parody, Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, Here I am, at Camp Granada. Goodbye Mana. Hello Focus. All that Int was … Continue reading

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Blizzard loves and/or hates Alts.

So there I am.  I finally got the Crusader title with my Alliance Druid.  And sitting on enough Seals for heirloom shoulders and chest armor.  6-7 more days and I’ll have enough for a 1-hand sword.  But for whom am I … Continue reading

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So right at night.

I have got to say.  What I absolutely loved about Warhammer was that medieval flavor of Eastern Europe in a lot of the human architecture.  Blizzard has brought it to life too now, with literal vengeance, in Gilneas. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Dang.  This is getting good. Except the “More raids for you raiders than ever!” part. But, anyway, I’ve got a cursed Worgen to get to level 85! I just need 2 more character slots! And pack your elves, the waters … Continue reading

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Seaaaaaals. Must. Have. Seaaaaaals.

No, this isn’t a story about mad canadian undead rednecks with southern accents out clubbing seals in Northrend.  (Thank you PETA for making my world a more visualized one.)  (And, hey, everyone loves cute white seals, me included.) No, I’m talking … Continue reading

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Gnome Druids

Some crazy ideas being suggested for the next patch expansion. Troll Druids?  That’s just crazy.  Stupid too.  Lore is in the bathroom getting sick.  I guess the Troll’s hang up their skull crafting and start worshiping the Earth Mother? Why … Continue reading

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An Instance of Irony

So, it’s been going on about a week now that I’ve been trying to get Sunstriker into Shadowfang Keep. The wife’s Deathknight, level 67, would clear to the stables, and I’d grab the ingots I need for the Paladin class … Continue reading

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100’s of ToC instances available for you.

Sunstriker spent 8 minutes banging his head, his horses head actually, on Shadowfang Keep’s instance portal.  He gained no access. “Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.” I think by “later” they mean “when hell freezes over.”  Because … Continue reading

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Twice a day…

A broken clock is right twice a day. It seems I, and a lot of other places, a few at least, have seemingly guessed the next expansion’s new races. So reports (spoiler alert, don’t click, aw, what the heck, you’ll … Continue reading

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