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If they gave Druids guns…

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Just saying. (“But, I don’t understand. That water gun is clearly hunter loot.”)

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Breathing free and easy in Stranglethorn Vale

As the wife and I played WoW this weekend it occured to us that the old places continue to be fairly populated areas. Over on Steamwheedle Cartle, my wife’s Priest and my Warlock knocked out a few quests, killing bad … Continue reading

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Our little played Draenei couple, created at the release of the Burning Crusade, and now the heady heights of level 38, are a Warrior and a Priest.  We played them some over the weekend, heading into the jungles of Stranglethorn … Continue reading

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Worgen, hands down.

Over on…Breakfast Topic: Would you play a Worgen or a Goblin? Some recent info over on WoW Insider.  Someone’s datamined the PTR and found some new masks.  Two masks are Goblin, and two are Worgen.  Hints at upcoming playable … Continue reading

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Bit the Bullet

I wasn’t originally going to get a account.  Why did I need one? I have one Blizzard game, WoW. I was not interested in picking up Diablo of any iteration (the ability of players to have god-mode pk hacks … Continue reading

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It’s a given to fly. The next step. The 3rd title.

He couldve tuned in, tuned in But he tuned out A bad time, nothing could save him Alone in a corridor, waiting, locked out He got up outta there, ran for hundreds of miles He made it to the ocean, … Continue reading

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It does seem like ages ago.

Level 25, escorting Effilda in Elwynn Forest. Today, earning the 1,000 Quests achievement, Effilda actually earned it one quest turn-in earlier, she and I are are still roaming the world. And now we’re about to assist Lady Jaina Proudmoor with … Continue reading

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Zero towards a level, lots of xp.

Here’s what we did the day after Independence Day.  Out in Cade’s Cove, TN, (The Smokey Mountains, we’re on vacation) after we’d hiked up to Abram’s Falls, and on the loop road back out, there was a mother bear and … Continue reading

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The Last Straw – What it’ll be

…and it hasn’t happened yet.  And, given the post below from a blue, it might not happen with Patch 3.2. What am I talking about?  Faction changes, but not anarchy.   Faction Change Service Update – July 1, 2009, 11:26 … Continue reading

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Teach a toon to fish

Give a toon a fish, and he’ll sell it as vendor trash. Teach a toon to fish, well that’s a different story. Both World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online offer fishing. Mechanically, the operation is fairly similar … Continue reading

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