Welcome back, Pointers.


I am so going to the Argent Tournament for a little while longer.


And so I try again tonight… no connection possible.  Absolutely unable to connect to anything Blizzard related.  No WoW, no forums, nothing.


Patience was rewarded.  And the wife got in as well.  We sent our Orcs to go help Kadhgar and Thrall and disappoint the Iron Horde’s invasion plans.  Portal destroyed.  Forward Operations Base underwater.  Portal back to Orgrimmar created.

Mmmm.  What’s the problem?  Oh, you want me, *me*, to create my own garrison here among the Frostwolf Clan?  Sure. … And now that I have … crap.  Where’s that portal again?

And I don’t know about you, but having Drek’thar in my base, *my* base, makes me a little nervous.  I played enough Alterac Valley to know what happens to him.  Often.

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