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Easy gear, for Shaman or Tank. Bring a healer. Or three. Last night Msaker, Droonda, and our friend, Nachmahd, went to Netherstorm to run a little quest for Professor Dabiri at the Protectorate Watch Post. The quest chain is a … Continue reading

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Orcs were busy. I should sell tickets for Orc on Orc action. On Saturday, Droonda, Enhancement Shaman, and me, Msaker, Fury Warrior, hooked up with a guildie, Socrates, Protection Warrior, in Netherstorm. Three Orcs. Seemed Droonda had difficulty picking us … Continue reading

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How to keep two Orcs busy. And a Druid. Not really sure what the minimum level requirement for the new Midsummer Festival quests is. We did them with Msaker and Droonda, and I did it later with my Level 42 … Continue reading

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Anonymous said… This blog pissis me off and I wonder what excuse u gonna think out one day whenyou stop playing WoW and believe me the day will come. Great work shooting downTobold like that which is a lot better … Continue reading

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What’s in a voice? Vent can be an endless source of amusement sometimes. You hear a voice, listen to what they’re saying, see their character, and you can think to yourself “OMG! That’s a dude!” That female character you’ve seen … Continue reading

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Server Down? Spam those servers that are up then. Ah, the time honored traditions never die, do they? Is your server down? Go roll a toon on a server that is up and whine, befoul, and otherwise stink the trade … Continue reading

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My space. Cuppycake’s got a meme going. Show us your game space. “Here’s my demand: Fellow bloggers, you have to post a picture of your habitat.” Highlights: Roger Dean signed “Floating Water”“Eroica” pencil drawing by Czech artistSony 19″ + Philips … Continue reading

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