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Hunka hunka burning sameness

If Elvis were talking about burning love, you’d be thinking “Wow, he’s talking about something remarkable. Something worth singing about. Something he thinks we’d all be interested in knowing about.” Ooh-hoo-hoo, I feel my temp’rature rising Help me I’m flamin’, … Continue reading

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Paladin Flexibility

So there I was. To catch you up briefly, Msaker, by Orc Warrior, used up a lot of good crafting mats to equip my Human Paladin in some decent (non-raider, non-instancing) gear.  Tempered Saronite Helm and Boots for tanking, and Spiked … Continue reading

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A Fool and his Durability…

I don’t know why this thought occurred to me, but it did, and it was “A fool and his durability are soon parted.” I was thinking that when I got invited to a Chillmaw/Commanders group.  I was the 3rd person … Continue reading

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It’s me, not you. Not really. It’s you.

I was doing quests in Storm Peaks.  Again.  The intro to the Sons of Hodir quests and I was doing some running around for Thorim. Once upon a time, that is to say the first three times I did these … Continue reading

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A page from the nostalgia file.

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Here there be dragons.

We decided to stop in a cafe along the beach for a wine and beer and some shrimp.  Somebody at another table said “It looks like the Loch Ness Monster,” referring to the post-sunset scene.  (I had photographed the sun … Continue reading

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No. No! NOOOOO!!!!!

Here I am.  On vacation down in Florida.  West Coast.  Nice place.  Pool.  Across the street from the Gulf.  Weather started out a little cloudy and wound up being cloudless and warmer than usual for this time of year. The … Continue reading

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