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An essential add-on for the music lover.

I use a lot of add-ons.  Ones I’ve come to enjoy using are Outfitter, Pitbull 4 (much easier to use than 3), Bartender 4, Combuctor (for bags), MrTrader (a new tradeskill addon).  But those are essentials. My favorite, alright, a … Continue reading

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Let’s see.  Threes. Stormsoul’s become my third Crusader.  I pretty much wrapped up my Argent Crusade dailies with 3 remaining reputations hovering at, or near, 99%.  Time to turn in the 4 writs I’d earned.  Playing a balancing act I used 1 … Continue reading

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Tea for two

If your afternoon respite happened to consist of slaying scourge, kobolds, and/or trolls, and you traded scones and earl gray for swords, axes, and magic, and magic carpet rides (see the header), then you’d kind of have a “tea for two” … Continue reading

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Arcarius dings 80

Arcarius just dinged 80. It was so long ago, Nov-Dec 2004, that he was created as Kinless on the Argent Dawn server. Now, wearing leather heirloom items, completing the Zul’Drak questing achievement, and doing several days worth of Pa’Troll and … Continue reading

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Sorry about the mess.

Dear Newbies of Falconwing Square, Deathknell, Valley of Trails, Northshire Abbey, Shadowglen, Karanos, etc., Don’t glower at me.  I see those newbie eyes of yours glaring at me Yeah.  /sheepish.  That was me.  That was me littering your newbie zone … Continue reading

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All over the board

Lately, The wife’s been playing Warhammer using 30-day cards.  She enjoys the fast pace of the PvP, the come as you are, as often as you want, pace of the activity, without having to be in a guild, raid, or party … Continue reading

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