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My path to 80. And the other paths that I’ll take to 80.

So, with the holiday break, I’ve gotten Stormsoul to the exalted level of 80. What was my path?  I did all the available quests in Borean Tundra.  All that I could find and handle solo.  I did a lot of … Continue reading

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So this is what a Gnome feels like. Hmmm.

Yep, that’s me, the little rag doll in Snorri’s hand. Oh, it got better when I did a few jobs here and there for them. Yeehaw!  That’s me on the kings back. Again and again I’m blown away by what … Continue reading

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The Horde got Wrathgate.

If you’re Horde, and you’ve made your way well into Dragonblight, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  And it doesn’t end with the big scene at the Wrathgate.  Oh, no.  The story that ends there at the gate is literally … Continue reading


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Merry Christmas everyone.

From us, to you, Merry Christmas. Keep the Turkey achievement to a reasonable one or two. And don’t worry about eating all your Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake.  It’ll last.

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If I were 80, I’d be lacking.

Stormsoul, Elemental Shaman, ain’t missing anything apparently, by not being level 80.  If I were level 80, folks would be pointing fingers and saying “You call that DPS?” First, there’s no gear.  Read the “Dear Scott” letter over on WoW … Continue reading

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Joining the Mile High Club.

Oh, it’s not what you think. But kind of an ecstatic moment nonetheless. And, yes, I did mount up on each of my 3 flying mounts and take them out for a ride.  They’ve been in need of a little … Continue reading

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My Future Self mocks me.

My future self mocked me this evening.  Made fun of the gear I was wearing. Funny part if it all, the irony, he was wearing what I was wearing. “Look who’s talking, Noob.  You’re still wearing it.” So far I’ve … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memeories.

Lassira tagged me for the latest meme. Here’s the idea: Go back to your first few posts. Who was the first person to EVER comment on your blog? Call them out, link that post and thank them! Then tag a … Continue reading

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Fire sale on WoW content.

I don’t remember feeling this far behind when the Burning Crusade was released.  Now, just a little over a month past the latest expansion’s release, the trade channel is filled with folks seeking members for Heroic marathons.  The 10-mans are … Continue reading

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Greatfather Winter made me do it.

The old codger wants cookies and milk.  Cookies and flippin’ milk. So he sends me out to kill endless Moonkin. It’s not like I can swing by Kroger’s and pick up a dozen, is it Old Man?  You’ve sent me … Continue reading

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