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Coming along. Last night was a pretty interesting one. It didn’t start out that way. Droonda was taking a break doing her nails. (Orcs are so vain!) So Blackhoof ventured out, not to do any quests, but to farm some … Continue reading

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Ding. 70. Flight. Oh, yeah. Broke, but elated.

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Playing with Orphans, we find a bully. Visiting former times. Had some fun last night running around with our Blood Elf orphans. Msaker scouted the way out, and Blackhoof and Droonda followed behind. The Orphans last request found us traveling … Continue reading

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Fury+Protection. Looking for some thoughts.Can I play a Fury Warrior, and be Protection at the same time? I.e. can I level, and tank, with one build? My experience with playing a Warrior has been pretty much that of leveling one … Continue reading

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Druids are not broken. The lonely Hunter. The world is broken. Pretty cool. 1. Last night we brought the Druids out to play. Sending some money out of the “Epic Mount for Arcarius the Old Fashioned Way: We Earn It” … Continue reading

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Unbreakable, I like Naga. Particulary the STV Naga just outside Booty Bay. They don’t cast. Me, Honorus, 41 Paladin, and Effilda, 40 Mage, can easily take on two 43-44 Nagas at a time. Without breaking much of a sweat. Seal’s … Continue reading

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No, I don’t think a cat is better. Well our Draenei finished up their quests in Azuremyst Isle. All of them. We have tabards to prove it. As an almost aside, as if it didn’t matter, we concluded, after getting … Continue reading

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