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A Warrior’s Journey. From obscurity to getting a real nice axe. Dinging Level 29 with my Warrior Oddity seems like so long ago. I vaguely recalled the moment I turned 29 and vowed to enter the Warsong Gulch and fight … Continue reading

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No Honor, No Dishonor. The cow was an innocent victim of my friends new AoE. Honest.

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Merry Christmas Everyone. From my wife and I to you.

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Zul’Gurub. Like the first time, but better. The guild journeyed across the continent to Grom’Gol last night. As any traveller or adventurer knows, this is the Horde outpost in the steamy jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. A Zeppelin Flight from both … Continue reading

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Whipped in Dire Maul. Creamed. Library is kind of cool. Darkhoof’s been holding on to the book, Frostshock and You, for a while now. A kind guildmate sold it to him for a very reasonable cost. The book was for … Continue reading

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Saturday Night. Garr. Garr downed and all my DKP spent, but the Earthfury Helm is mine. Sweet. Entering Blackrock Spire we were decidedly please with how quiet it was. A full 3 hours earlier than our usual raiding time. This … Continue reading

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