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Burning for you.

Msaker and Droonda, setting the night on fire, and stinking up your Southshore.  (And ruining *your* beer.  But not all of it.)

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Tanks and Healers

I found this over on Metroblogging Azeroth. They found it in the Eitrigg forums. “If the tank dies, it’s the healer’s fault. If the healer dies, it’s the tank’s fault. If anyone else dies, it’s their own damn fault.” That’s … Continue reading

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Two unusual Steamvault Runs

First run into Coilfang’s Steamvaults I went with Blackhoof, my Elemental Shaman. He’s there for the Reputation with the Cenarian Expedition and the possible gear. The group included my lovely Shaman Princess Droonda, another Elemental Shaman, and Magnarussa, a Resto … Continue reading

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Jumping the shark.

With reference to the Happy Days episode, Blizzard’s gotten up out of the water now, being pulled by a power boat, and is about to jump the shark. C’mon.  Are they serious?  They are. What am I ranting about? Paid … Continue reading

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Trick or treat. Have some brain food.

Another Jonathan Coulton done to WoW by Spiffworld.

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Tales of horror.

For your pleasure. Jonathan Coulton does some pretty good music. Set to Warcraft, it’s really good. P.S. I’m using a Halloween theme for the next few days.  A mite early for Christmas, no?

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Tanking, and killing, and the Headless Horseman

So, you may have noticed the cool helm in my last post. Or the little Seasonal Event that’s going on in the World of Warcraft this week. How do you get your own, you are wondering? Or the +AP, or … Continue reading

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The Good, the Ugly, the Bad

The good: Partying with the wife.  Our Horde guild requires successful Heroic Runs, three of them, in three different dungeon areas, in order to qualify to go to Karazhan with them.  By then you’ve probably accumulated at least 3 of … Continue reading

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Night Elf Lore (i.e. Boo)

“In time, a primitive tribe of nocturnal humanoids cautiously made their way to the edges of the mesmerizing enchanted lake. The feral, nomadic humanoids, drawn by the Well’s strange energies, built crude homes upon its tranquil shores. Over time, the … Continue reading

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Funny Blog Stats for today

It seems folks like clicking on my wife.  On her characters at least, over there on the side bar to the right here. Droonda’s armory link has been accessed three times today.  Maybe folks are wondering what on Azeroth that flash of … Continue reading

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