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Big World, Few Options

My Belf Paladin is leveling via 2 quests.  The Jewelcrafting Daily and the Kalu’ak’s Preparing for the Worst.  Because there’s so much more I need/can do.  (When my wife wants to play her Paladin I return and do quests with … Continue reading

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Seeing Double

Anyone else notice something peculiar lately? I first noticed it in Dalaran, where the Flight Master at Krasus Landing had a doppelganger standing right next to him.  Or, more correctly, exactly where he was standing, noticeable only when one moved … Continue reading

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Three Plus Years

Has it been that long?  Since the Burning Crusade’s release? Our two Draenei characters are in their 40’s right now.  (Have we been trapped in some mad wizard’s dream, unable to progress?)  Our Blood Elf Paladins are in their 60s … Continue reading

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