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Happy New Years Folks!

The first of the years fireworks from Sydney, Australia.

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We have to do it every day.

After our walk today, in a matter of fact tone, I mention to my lovely wife: “You know.  We have to do it every day.” She thought that was funny. And into Sethekk Halls we went.  Again. As it turned … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to you

As we gather with friends and family, making our homes warm with cheer, the smells of cooking, and wasail simmering on the stove top, let us remember the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. Merry Christmas everyone. And … Continue reading

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Nobody comments when you’re on top

The new Looking for Dungeon tool has been working really very well.  I’m using it to get level up some while I save the quests to do with my wife. Some things I’ve noticed: 1) Most all the Tanks I’ve … Continue reading

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LFG Tool is AOK.

I’ve been having some pretty great success with the LFG Tool. Yes, it’s with my level 74 DK, but the tanks I’ve been grouped with, each and every one a Paladin, has done very well, and the healers have let … Continue reading

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Two Druids staying busy.

Anzu is ours.  Itarilde’s to be precise. It’s rather easy, except for the random number generator part of it. One more set of reins to go.

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LFG? More like LFW.

The new Looking for Group tool is working out more like Looking for Waldo, and being color blind. I was very excited to finally have pugging instances be friendly, and have a LOT more people involved.  I mean, this is … Continue reading

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3.3 Thoughts

Lag, lot’s of it, once I managed to get on.  It seemed to go away after a few hours.  The ZOMG NEW CONTENT rush off to Icecrown must have fixed that. Titanium, and lots of it.  Via Alchemy, of course.  … Continue reading

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Four years of posts, five years of play.

I notice, by looking at my monthly archives, at the bottom of the page on the left here, that I’ve been posting stuff since December of 2005.  Which means I’ve been posting now for four years, and playing for over … Continue reading

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