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Will WoW end?

Call me a fanboi. Other’s have. I’m still liking World of Warcraft. Oh, I’ve seen the other games. I played a little of Lord of the Ring Online in the Beta. Just a little. The colors were too drab. And … Continue reading

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Bitten again.

Call the doctor. I deleted my Level 24 Shaman and created a Draenei Warrior instead. I was thinking “Solo, two-man, end game. Shaman with Priest? or Warrior with Priest?” The wife’s Level 25 Draenei Priest is coming along nicely. Dressed … Continue reading

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Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

What the hell are you doing? This D3 gear drop table you’ve got has me scratching my head. You’re making Arms/Fury Warriors do four different Heroics in order to get most of their Doomplate gear?  This is their D3 stuff.  … Continue reading

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Major Bug in Patch

Horde win? What’s up with that? C’mon Blizzard. Get the programmers a salary already! 😉 We have not had a win in a while. And the AV queue was a mile long. Nice seeing interest for a change. Interest in … Continue reading

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And the hits, they keep a’coming

WoW Insider reports a little love coming for Enhancement Shamans in Patch 2.3. I know one Princess who will be pleased with this. When a well equipped Tank, ah hem, can’t keep her from gaining aggro, something is both right … Continue reading

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All is well.

Patch 2.2 Msaker’s got his shoulders back. I look … proper.

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It just takes a little bit.

Just a modicum of effort, and teamwork, and Horde can get some pretty decent honor out of AV, even in the 61-70 AV bracket. So we lost Iceblood.  We always do.  It becomes a gauntlet that we have to fight … Continue reading

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Rampage Battlegroup Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV, you SUCK!

There.  I said it.  It’s just utterly absurd how bad Horde is.  They don’t even try anymore. It’s all self-reinforcing.  We lose, so why bother, so we’ll AFK, so we lose worse, so we bother less, so we AFK more, … Continue reading

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“What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?”

“Someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog.” – so quipped Groucho Marx. He’s also the guy that said “I wouldn’t want to join a club that would have me as a member.”  (I’ve probably paraphrased that … Continue reading

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And that, folks, is all she wrote.

So I go into Dark Ministry’s forums and ask “What’s up with all the departures?  Thoughts?”  Someone said “Real life trumps everything.”  Someone else said “Sure, but we’re here to play the game as well.”  A couple hours later the … Continue reading

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