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Will WoW end?

Call me a fanboi. Other’s have. I’m still liking World of Warcraft. Oh, I’ve seen the other games. I played a little of Lord of the Ring Online in the Beta. Just a little. The colors were too drab. And … Continue reading

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Bitten again.

Call the doctor. I deleted my Level 24 Shaman and created a Draenei Warrior instead. I was thinking “Solo, two-man, end game. Shaman with Priest? or Warrior with Priest?” The wife’s Level 25 Draenei Priest is coming along nicely. Dressed … Continue reading

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Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

What the hell are you doing? This D3 gear drop table you’ve got has me scratching my head. You’re making Arms/Fury Warriors do four different Heroics in order to get most of their Doomplate gear?  This is their D3 stuff.  … Continue reading

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Major Bug in Patch

Horde win? What’s up with that? C’mon Blizzard. Get the programmers a salary already! 😉 We have not had a win in a while. And the AV queue was a mile long. Nice seeing interest for a change. Interest in … Continue reading

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And the hits, they keep a’coming

WoW Insider reports a little love coming for Enhancement Shamans in Patch 2.3. I know one Princess who will be pleased with this. When a well equipped Tank, ah hem, can’t keep her from gaining aggro, something is both right … Continue reading

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All is well.

Patch 2.2 Msaker’s got his shoulders back. I look … proper.

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It just takes a little bit.

Just a modicum of effort, and teamwork, and Horde can get some pretty decent honor out of AV, even in the 61-70 AV bracket. So we lost Iceblood.  We always do.  It becomes a gauntlet that we have to fight … Continue reading

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