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Lights! Camera! Ac…. wait.

Got the lights?  Mmm, maybe a few more.  Okay, enough?  Okay.  Lights!  Camera!  Uh, can we refocus a little here.  What?  The camera’s not quite right yet.  Oh.  Okay.  Tell me when you are ready. That’s pretty much how I … Continue reading

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Jewelcrafting with Cojones

And, yes, I mean huevos. My Paladin is my jewelcrafter.  And I’m kind of funny about my professions where I work to get them well developed as early as possible.  I typically can make things I can’t yet wear or use … Continue reading

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Many years ago I picked up and played The Elder Scrolls.  I don’t recall it having Arena appended so maybe I started the series with Daggerfall.  Then came Morrowind, which I tried.  When I met my wife she had played … Continue reading

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