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Righteous Defense is righteously dense.

Why do I have to create a macro for it?   /cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense Wait, a little background. There we were.  Honorus, my Paladin, and Effilda, my wife’s Mage.  We’re in the Hinterlands, and we’re doing quests.  We’ve … Continue reading

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Retreads. Crafting at it’s finest?

You look marvelous.  You look like me.  So there I am.  In the Aldor Bank in Shattrath City. I see a Draenei sporting some really cool looking shoulders.  I always see the Paladin version of the crafting plans in the … Continue reading

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Shared Topic – What would you add to WotLK?

Blog Azeroth’s shared topic looked interesting. If I could add 1 thing, what would I add to the WotLK expansion? That’s a tough one.  The one thing?  One? Well, if it were just one: For every instance, add 2 more … Continue reading

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Zomg. What a screenshot.

I’m there doing a quest in Shadowmoon Valley with Arcarius.  It’s the one where you have to retrieve a rotten egg.  Anyway, if you get a bad one, not the rotten egg they want, you’ll get sick.  And you’ll occasionally … Continue reading

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Two more firsts (for me).

Alar and Void Reaver down.  Nice.  I never dreamt I’d be facing these guys. Note the Broken disguise.  I’m working for Akama here. A little freelance work for Akama. And I much, much prefer the fights in TK versus SSC.  … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my Shaman.

So there Stormsoul is.  Taking part in an “All but the Lady V” clear of Serpentshrine Cavern in just over 3 hours last night. Gearwise he’s pretty much in epics.  Three pieces of T4: gloves, helm, and leggings.  Three more pieces of that … Continue reading

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“You’ve come a long way, baby.” Part 3.

Droonda.  Dragonslayer. Nightbane. Netherspite. Of course all the rest of Karazhan as well. You’ve come a long way, baby.  🙂

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How did you come up with your character names?

Blog Azeroth, the home away from home for WoW Bloggers posed this question this week. (There’ll be weekly topics we all post about. That’s cool, two-fold. One, it gives a topic to work on, and it gives us a common … Continue reading

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Not bad at all.

So, last night, the start of the new raiding season.  7:30-11:00 Mo, Tue, Wed, and Thurs.  (Of course that’s T, W, Th, and Mo.) First stop was back to Serpentshrine Cavern.  Last week they’d gone in twice.  Two bosses first … Continue reading

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I’ve been kind of quiet.

Raids and alts have been keeping me busy. As I alluded to earlier, I transferred servers to find a guild with friendly raid times in my own time zone. Success. It really didn’t hurt that they started SSC and TK. … Continue reading

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