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Eating Apples. Apple Jacks of goodness!

I’ve been fairly busy lately with a new computer. Since it had to play World of Warcraft, and I wanted it to be a native Mac version of the game, and since it was replacing a slightly older Gateway FX, … Continue reading

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ZOMG, it’s full of stars!

Kubrick’s too subtle sometimes. But this mount, it’s not subtle. ZOMG, it’s freaking full of stars! And there’s a star in the center of the horse that’s producing more stars, from which they shoot out from, for an ever active … Continue reading

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Spirits in the machine

Pays to police an area looking for your prize. After popping in and out on Arcarius the past week, and actually this time flying in from Zul’Drak where I’d been looking for Gondria as well, I came across my 2nd … Continue reading

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Lore Dispelled

This is what the Blizzard poster Zarhym said about the changes coming to dispels in Cataclysm: –Druids will be able to dispel defensive magic, curses, and poison. –Paladins will be able to dispel defensive magic, diseases, and poison. –Priests will be … Continue reading

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Sad pirate.

Kramer: This is going to be a new look for the ’90s. You’re going to be the first pirate! Jerry: But I don’t want to be a pirate! Jerry has about as much choice in the matter as I do … Continue reading

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Group oriented quest watch frames

The wife and I quest a lot together.  In fact it’s pretty much exclusively questing together.  I’ll tank odd runs with my Paladins, or run as DPS with my other characters, but she and I pretty much stay out of … Continue reading

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