A Pre-expansion Exposition

Ah, the upgrade to 6.02.

A pruning of abilities.  New character models.

It’s been good.  When my Warrior partied up with my wife’s Shaman, she granted me a Mastery buff, and I granted her a Vengeance buff, both done automatically it seems.  We were synergizing by grouping, not clicking on buttons.

I *think* I’m missing a few buttons that I used to use, but I’m not missing them.  There’s enough left that give me something to do.  (And top the damage chart on the Headless Horseman fight with my Warrior.)

The character model changes are a mixed bag.  The Night Elves changes looked okay.  A particular moustache style became a fu manchu style, so it was a trip to the barber shop for several of them.

The Tauren looked incredibly improved.  The Orcs all seem Warcraft parodies of themselves now.  “More work?”  They look good, but I wish I was more Thrall, and less Peon.  The Troll upgrade was subtle, but an improvement.  The Undead were also improved.  Human males, though, it was tough finding an appearance I liked.  My Monk previously had an asian appearance.  Brown, slightly slanted eyes, black hair.  Now he’s very caucasian, with the same black hair, but he’s looking paunchy and short now under it.  I had to give him gray eyes because the brown eyes came with wrinkles that aged him to 70 plus.  Of the races that got upgraded, the Human Male graphic upgrade was the least successful I think.

Heirlooms for sale.  I don’t make much gold in the game.  I don’t sell things on the auction house.  I figure if I got it, folks can just get their own.  Who would buy a stack of leather on the auction house?  (Guilty hand raise.)  But I’d accumulated a few thousand across my 80s and 90s.  So I picked up the 4 heirloom cloaks, and 2 heirloom helms.  My plate wearers and shammy are going to have to go commando.

My mage, a solo character, does have cloak, helm, chest, shoulders, staff, trinkets, heirlooms, and he’s pretty solid.  I seem to be leapfrogging content, which is not a bad thing.  I can see the places long enough to get a feel for the changes to the place, and then move on.

It’s funny, but there are SOOO many changes from Vanilla WoW to pre-WoD WoW, in the old vanilla areas, it’s crazy.  I remember the naked frun from Teldrassil to Ironforge through the Wetlands.  Because the Night Elf capital may as well have been the most forgotten place on the planet.  Ironforge, with the Auction House, the most sought after place to be.  It’s funny though, Stormwind City is now the place to be, and Teldrassil is still just as abandoned, and they’ve all got auction houses now.

If they want Teldrassil to have some zing, they need it to be the stepping off point for adventurers to travel through to the Emerald Dream.

And put the launching off point for our conquest of Argus out in best spaceport, that of Netherstorm in the Outlands.

I didn’t mention the stat squish.  We’ve got 1/10th the health we had previously.  And the decrease isn’t even noticeable in practicality.

What is funny, is my level 85 Paladin, who’d gotten a crafted helm with decent stats to start adventuring in Panderia with, donned his Headless Horseman’s plate helm which he picked up at level 80 a few years back.  The difference in stats (crafted lvl 85 Panderia green versus level 80 epic) would previously had been HUGE.  Now it’s a couple of points.  … Interesting.  (This suggests gear should last longer in the leveling path.)

And I got my Hunter back with the undelete function.  I’d deleted him at level 85, and he returned to me naked as a jaybird with just a tabard on.  Ironically, it was the Tabard of the Protector from the FIRST dark portal event back in 2007.  I sent him some leather and he crafted a couple of pieces, and I bought 3 more pieces, and I’m still missing gloves, neckless, rings, trinkets, and sent him to Panderia to start the last expansion’s questing.  He didn’t do too poorly, and soon scored a new weapon.  But rather than quest in Panderia I’ve sent him back to Sholazar Basin to look for the cat rumored to be there that I’ve never, ever, seen.  (Except as pets belonging to other Hunters.)  So he logs in, looks for Loq’who?, and logs out for another day.

It’s good in the WoW ‘hood.


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