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Pass the fire ants please.

(Ah.  Authenticators in place we’re back in business.) I was thinking last night as I traversed the dock in Menethil that things weren’t always so tranquil.  That is to say, things weren’t so tranquil on the PvP server I was … Continue reading

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Nice. Blizzard’s 7 day a week hotline?  It’s been “full queue” every time I tried.  5 minutes after opening shop, on a Sunday morning, and their “on hold” queue is full for the day??  They don’t even bother trying, sending … Continue reading

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I’ve done nothing wrong.  Trust me, I know what not to do. I don’t share my password with anybody.  I can spot phishing attacks a mile away. “” is a dead giveaway that this is a phishing site. And yet … Continue reading

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