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Two Boos. WoW vs. WAR

I’ve got two “Boos” for you.  The first is for World of Warcraft’s Halloween activities, the other is for Warhammer Online’s version of the holiday. The first is a short “Boo!”  Leaping out from behind a shrubbery and trying to … Continue reading

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The common denominator is me. Level 40 griefer.

It would seem whatever faction I choose, whatever server I may find myself on, whatever flipping game I happen to be playing, my team will lose.  Over and over.  You can count on it.  If you were a betting man, … Continue reading

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WAR. What if they had a war without tanks or medicine?

How quick would we throw up the white flag of surrender if we, as a faction, failed to bring tanks and healers to a fight?  However quick the points from two, then three, flags generates from the enemy who seem … Continue reading

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After a long drive, nothing quite hits the spot like brains.  Lots of brains! Get infected and you become a zombie monster.  Allies, enemies, etc., you can attack them all.  And infect them with a lust for brains as well. … Continue reading

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Addon madness.

I was showing my wife screenshots from our Black Temple excursion. She saw this screenshot and said “Can you even see the game?” I said “I need the info.  Yes.” Trust me, it’s fully useable. This got me to thinking … Continue reading

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Photo op with Alysianah.

I saw the /emote.  Through the very walls of Altdorf.  Surprised?  You bet.  Look who Geil ran into. Alysianah of Mystic Worlds. Anyway, to spend a few moments in the life of a Bright Wizard and her player, go visit … Continue reading

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Was WoW’s end-game really nerfed? Uh, yeah.

Even we think so.  We’re good, but Saturday night we went back to Mount Hyjal, visited once before the patch, and one-shotted four bosses to wind up standing before Archimonde before calling it a night.  Last night we went to the … Continue reading

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The new looks in WoW.

I have given most of my characters an updated look courtesy of the barber shops. Arcarius was given a white Mr. T mohawk.  Msaker kept his pony tail, but it’s white now, and shaved his beard and is left with … Continue reading

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2008 Silvermoon City, Azeroth

The end, my friends, is nigh.  Run, while you still can. Until then, let the bears amuse you. Even rain didn’t cancel the fun. Every now and thing there’s things that make me chuckle.  Those gnomes were one, and then … Continue reading

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While some level Inscription to 425, the servers won’t stay up for more than five minutes. RMT I don’t like.

As sure as the sun rose today I know there are people who’ve leveled Inscription to 425 already.  And they’re selling the good inscriptions in the Auction House as I speak. And I’m not really sure how they did it.  … Continue reading

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