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Blizzard’s new add-on policy.

Gee, thanks Blizzard.  Thanks so much. Link to the new policy. Why did you make this move?  Did you feel threatened by folks doing stuff for the mere joy of it?  Are you planning RMT add-ons of your own to … Continue reading

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Juggernaut might be the reason I’ll dual spec.

My Hunter’s never going to dual spec.  Neither is my Rogue.  No need to on my Druid.  Playing with the wife against the world, Feral does what I need well enough. Even my Warrior had no plans to go dual … Continue reading

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Playing with the next Expansion in mind.

For some, the next expansion will be the release of Ulduar. For vanilla WoW, those kind of expansions brought Black Wing Lair and AQ.  In TBC they brought the Black Temple and then the Sun Well Plateau. So, after Ulduar … Continue reading

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