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I too thought WTF?

Second time I confronted Bronjahm in Forge of Souls I heard the music.  (First time I confronted him:  “Man, I hope I don’t die.  Follow their lead.  What’s that?  Wait, what’s that?  What’s *that.*  Is that dangerous?  What’s that?”) And … Continue reading

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So, how was I?

In my Heroic instance runs I’m always curious about how well I’m doing.  It’s a natural tendancy to want to pull my weight, so I run Recount and make sure I’m paying enough attention, both while hammering at mobs, as well as beforehand … Continue reading

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Nerd Rage Revenge?

So, what’s up with the instant-queue tanks bailing on all the runs? Is it amusing to queue up, get 4 random people suckered into an instance, and immediately quit group and leave the instance? That’s 15 minutes I can’t requeue … Continue reading

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Alone again, or

One of my favorite songs.  I first heard the Ufo version of it, “Alone again, or” back in college, one of my roommates had the lp, and I loved it.  I didn’t know at the time that it was apparently … Continue reading

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Bad Attitude is Bad

Three new folks later in our Halls of Stone run and I had to laugh. The first person left because they were called to dinner.  Apparently by Mommy.  After needing for an off-spec item, purple no less.  Not before posting the … Continue reading

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Oculus Easier?

I’ve had the Oculus come up twice now since the cross-realm Pug-Fest began. On the first visit our Healer was shot out of the sky by Dragons and dropped group.  The Paladin dropped group.  The Rogue said “Re-Queue” and then … Continue reading

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Bind on Account Enchants for your Head and Shoulders

Here’s a simple list (info per WoW Head) of Bind on Account Head and Shoulder enchants, who to get them from, and when. You’ll need to be level 80 to apply the enchant to your own gear.  And remember you … Continue reading

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I need to read the Patch Notes better.

I was over reading Tobold’s blog and he mentioned mailing his heirlooms cross faction to another character of his. Now, I did read where that was planned for the future, this mailing of heirlooms across faction lines to yourself, but … Continue reading

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