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Two for the path of Glory.

Itarilde and Greenclaw are now both riding epic mounts. She picked the Stormsaber. Greenclaw took the Mistsaber. It was a little over a year ago that Droonda and Msaker were in the same position.

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How the war changed my life.

Arcarius reached 70 without a penny to his name. He didn’t have his epic mount, regular, land based, until he was 68 or so. This is the World of Warcraft. Not the Farm of Auctioningcraft. So I did what any … Continue reading

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A Druid in Alterac Valley

I’ve long complained about Alliance performance in Alterac Valley in the Rampage Battlegroup.  Arcarius, in the 61-70 bracket there, can’t catch a break.  Horde are just too good.  Alliance loses over and over and over. But then what explains the … Continue reading

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Test Results: I’m a Snowflake. >:/

I took the Bartle Test over at the Guild Cafe. Here’s how I wound up: EAKS EAKS players often live by the phrase ‘The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.’ They are motivated by meeting the challenges of … Continue reading

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Back to raiding. It must be another first.

Now Teron Gorefiend, we didn’t kill.  Not this time. ferox Teron Gorefiend Simulator With a little practice he’ll be ours too.

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Morons. But maybe I’m harsh.

So Arcarius ventures back into Alterac Valley. He won the last two matches he played there last night.  Would tonight continue the successes? Alliance takes the first graveyard.  That’d be me capping Snowfall. Alliance kill Galv before Horde kill Balinda. … Continue reading

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Druids in the Outlands. “Andu-falah-dor!”

Well, a milestone of sorts. Kind of monumental. Our Alliance Druids have finally reached the Outlands. This is my second Alliance character that’s gotten to the Outlands. It’s the wife’s first Alliance character there. She’s looking forward to seeing things … Continue reading

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No lulls. Ogri’where?

I’m away from the office so away from blogging. I do have a laptop along with me, and enough connectivity to play. (Ain’t technology a wonderful thing?) So, I’ve been pvping with Stormsoul as Enhancement. Meh. Hard to tell how … Continue reading

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New Alliance Bunker

Someone elsewhere made a point that Horde Towers are easy to capture solo, whereas Alliance Bunkers are not. That’s because the Horde archers don’t have LOS on anyone grabbing the flag, while the Alliance Archers easily get two or three … Continue reading

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