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Humor is dead. :) Happy New Years everyone.

Went to the bank in Stormwind City. Found this guy on the steps. His name? “Dohwrongbank”. Maybe it was a lot of fest beer going around the market square, but I thought this was pretty good. The wife did too. … Continue reading

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“I like the green,” she says.

“But the red one looks bad ass.” And the festive, “For the Horde,” red one it was. After shaking down all her characters, and me shaking down all of mine, we put together the 5,200 required for lessons and mount … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to one and all.

The wife and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Now, if you’ll pardon us, we’re going to be looking for mobs that were more naughty than nice. P.S. That two-hander you see me holding? That was my 10-minute … Continue reading

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Bear with me.

The wife and I really wanted to get through Maraudon. So we saw what we could do alone. We did pretty good. Got four out of the six quests done, actually. We got all the gems off the Kahns, and … Continue reading

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Priority for the next one, my wife, Droonda. Then Blackhoof. The speed is amazing. The color green was simply the right choice.

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My name is MinMax. I play a number. What’s your game?

Rephrasing something I saw somewhere:  “With the new leggings and a +12 stats enchant, my unbuffed statline is now 1936 ap, 27% crit, and 251 (16%) hit. I can swap out gear and self buff to get my hit up … Continue reading

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Them?  These dead bodies, suspended from, or anchored down by, chains that course back and forth across the room?  Or us?  The two sole living, breathing, in our fashion, Forsaken that swam among them? You know where sinners wind up?  Criminals … Continue reading

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Next expansion, we shall be as Gods! But will our bandaids will still suck?

Lost in the Grind has a blogroll link to Dark London where I found a post that included a screenshot from a Molten Core raid. They’re at Lucifron. I looked at the health amounts and just had to chuckle. The … Continue reading

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A little something unusual. The Sprite Darter pet.

The first time I saw one I knew I had to have one. I mean I spent twenty minutes clucking like a chicken to get a chicken to lay an egg for me in Westfall so I could get a … Continue reading

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Elemental Healbot. DPSbot. Woot.

Well, you know I’m Elemental. I can throw lightning. Our last Karazhan raid I tied for 3rd in Damage Output. But I was a healer once. No record of it, like for the Karazhan raid, but last night 5 of … Continue reading

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