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Tell me why? I don’t like Tuesdays. Tell me why? I don’t like Tuesdays. Tell me why? I don’t like Tuesdays. I want to shoot the whole day down. Down, down, shoot it all down. Silicon chips inside their servers … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? How I named my (currently held) alts. Kinless, semi-retired, Night Elf Hunter, Argent Dawn (RP): I actually picked this name for him because seeing a hunter was supposed to be a solitary sort, and it was … Continue reading

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Druids to watch out for. Two wipes then a Paladin. Wife and I were in Westfall. We wrapped up the Defias quests and escorted the Traitor to the Deadmines. We were ready to go after Van Cleef himself. We ran … Continue reading

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“Prophet up in ten.” Here’s a slight grind in the making. Last night Darkhoof travelled down to Silithus in support of the Cenarian Hold’s efforts to fight the Qiraji. Commander Mar’alith, a Night Elf of some stature, has word of … Continue reading

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Bugs amongst us.My first exposure to the Silithids as an Alliance character was when Kinless, my Night Elf Hunter, began exploring Tanaris. Up until that point in his career the worst he had to fear from hardshelled beasts were the … Continue reading

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Scenes from Azeroth. Water Run for Aqual Quintessence in Azshara. Sergeant Ogresson and Sableclaw in Stormwind City.

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