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PvP’s been beddy beddy good to me

To us, actually, the wife and me. Tally tells the tale: Msaker’s wearing 4 pieces of Deadly Gladiator’s and 2 Wintergrasp pieces.  Honorus is wearing 4 pieces of Deadly and 3 Wintergrasp pieces.  Greenclaw is wearing 3 pieces of Deadly … Continue reading

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Account bound

I’ve noticed something recently.  The pets they’re giving us are account bound.  Mr. Chilly, Onyxian Whelpling, the Polar Bear Cub. I’ve been learning the pets and then just deleting them out of my bag.  Some pets you learn and they … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Oh man, am I full. We’ve got, on our plate: Mr. T’s changing the game with hand grenades. WoW’s 5th Anniversary and our Onyxian Whelplings.  Breathing smoke rings.  Many whelps.  Handle it! The Pilgrim’s Bounty event. More new characters on … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers

Several incidents come to mind. Now I’m usually just floored by the anti-social behavior of folks in-game.  Parking a mammoth on a blood pool you need to fish for the fishing daily.  Snowballs to knock teammates off the bridge outside … Continue reading

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350 Cooking for about 15g.

Tobold brought this up the other day. I guess I’m an “uphill, in the snow, both ways” kind of guy. I actually slaughtered boars outside Karanos, Raptors outside of Theramore, Ravagers outside of Honor Hold, etc., to level up my … Continue reading

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Who to pity?

Rogues, Turkeys, or Ikiss? Well, should we pity the rogues this week?  AHAHAHAHA.  Are you, like, kidding?  Nah. “Bang, bang.”  Just kidding. How about pitying the turkeys?  No, they’re just rogues in disguise.  Kill them all. How about the Talon … Continue reading

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Gear Score, Schmear Score. But, wait…

So there I was.  Looking for the eight remaining burning embers I needed to complete the latest Wintergrasp Daily.  We’d already lost, so I figured everyone Horde was going to be gathered outside of the Vault looking for invites.  Or shopping, … Continue reading

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Grind & Craft, now PvP.

I’ve got five level 80 characters.  Four of them are Crusaders.  I don’t have the time, or inclination anymore, to get the fifth to Crusader, or anyone else in the “up and coming” ranks either.  The fifth started the process, but given he’s my … Continue reading

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What I take away from the Pardo interview

What happens when a hardcore guildmaster of hardcore raiders designs a game: World of This Prologue You come from a humble background and are brought to the big city to prepare yourself for the war you’ve only heard about. Chapter 1 Level … Continue reading

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New Pet, $10.00. Psycho Tendency Assuaged, Priceless.

I saw this freakish little scene up by the tournament: Druid in Tree Form, just standing there. (I was killing Cultists.) It was not. It was just standing there. Seems they had gotten a new pet, the Lil K.T.. And … Continue reading

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