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Or finding mushrooms. I noticed this today, for the first time. What a beautiful fountain. Reminded me of Italy, and don’t the Draenei make the perfect Nymphs?

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It’s not all about nuking Forsaken. Sometimes you stop and watch a moon rise. Then you get back to the business.

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“And if I live, something will die.” We were two Level 36 Paladins and we completed a level 39 elite quest in Stromgarde. Seal of Light stacks with Judgement of Light. I know that today. And Reckoning with a very … Continue reading

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“I’m not here to do damage. I’m here to live.” That’s what Honorus tells the two warriors that have summoned him to the summoning stone outside of the Scarlet Monastery. They’ve seen his little Knightly Longsword, and compared to the … Continue reading

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A new technique. And the wife was just blown away. She was laughing with power. “That’s what I’m talking about.” The new idea? For us at least. Honorus gathers together a handful of mobs, she melts them with AoEs. We … Continue reading

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Hellfire Ramparts through the eyes of a Beastmaster. Last night was Arcarius’s turn into the Ramparts. So far I’ve taken an Enhancement Shaman on healing duty, and a Protection Warrior on tanking duty, so now I was going in as … Continue reading

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Transformation. Msaker has been a Mortal Strike Warrior for some time now. In his 40’s he was Fury, dual wielding for leveling goodness, but upon getting into Alerac Valley, and getting his mitts on an Ice Barbed Spear, he was … Continue reading

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