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Ten character slots is not enough. Warlock. The 13th Warrior? Blizzard has basically said “Ten slots is good enough.” and won’t be adding any slots to our ten per server character lists when the expansion comes. In the two years … Continue reading

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The next World of Warcraft content update, “Before the Storm,” will include the new PvP Honor System, as well as other new features that will prepare us for The Burning Crusade expansion. We are currently planning to release this content … Continue reading

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Thanks Blizzard. You cost me Champion because you like to keep little secrets. Or you just don’t care. Regardless, you cost me Champion. That is to say Rather than spend last week working up from Rank 9 to Rank 10, … Continue reading

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“All realms are currently down for scheduled maintenance until 11am PST.“ Is it patch day? Are they going to use that 36MB + 443MB they downloaded to my machine last week? Does Honor, as we know it, go the way … Continue reading

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Taerer in Duskwood at the portal to the Emerald Dream. “Taerar was perhaps the most affected of Ysera’s rogue lieutenants. His interaction with the dark force within the Emerald Dream shattered Taerar’s sanity as well as his corporeal form. The … Continue reading

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And now, something completely different. Logged on as Honorus tonight to join Effilda in her Duskwood quests. I so very much enjoyed playing the Paladin tonight. So much so I leveled him from level 27 to level 29. It felt … Continue reading

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And for dessert, revenge served cold. So here was poor Darbanville, level 29 Priest. Trying to get a job done in Tarren Mill. Kill a few apprentice blacksmiths, get a shipment of iron. Well, she’d done all that. Why not … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!From our Orcs to yours. Dorf. The other white meat. Dinner. For the Horde! The wife and I will be enjoying the holiday with a little turkey, (plainstrider is just too gamey), a walk around the neighborhood, a … Continue reading

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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto! I can say this: “Bots might not be so bad.” With stacks and stacks of Rugged Leather, 25 Black Dragonscales, 20 Worn Dragonscales added to my inventory, and 1/4 of an xp bar added to my … Continue reading

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Public Test Realm thoughts. Logged on as both Msaker and Blackhoof. Played a little AV with Msaker. Did a little dual wielding with Blackhoof. I was wondering when this patch would go live. I’m thinking sooner rather than later based … Continue reading

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