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The Lone Lands

It was a great weekend in Middle Earth.  My Warden, above, has reached level 22, and the wife and I are making things right in the Lone Lands.  He’s been crafted some level 21 weapons, the spear and javelin on … Continue reading

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QQing on the ROFLCopter

I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh about it. Warriors have already been knocked to the ground.  Now they get the boot to the head. I’m talking about the Arms Warrior Juggernaut talent which has already been nerfed … Continue reading

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Surfing into the Barrow Downs

I remember way back, my first weekend in Irvine, CA and I was getting ready to start my studies at the University of California there.  I’d found my apartment and was spending some time at Corona del Mar beach.  Beside … Continue reading

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Expand the previous expansion.

Blizzard can blow open some bottlenecks in their old content. The wife and I are leveling through the Outlands now.  We’ll be leaving as soon as we both hit level 68. I plotted out a course for our two couples.  … Continue reading

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Queen of Orgrimmar

No, Thrall.  It is *you* that have failed to receive the memo.  After all, Lady Sylvanas got it. Now, release the fish.  And it will be like we never were here. (Apparently they’ve fixed the “phased fishing” in Orgrimmar.  Sigh.)

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Equalized content.

The wife and I, tired of the frozen waste of Ice Crown, decided to work on a few quests in Zul’Drak.  The Ebon Blade guy sent us to go hassle Drakuru.  That leads us to a grand finale, a final … Continue reading

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5/5 rather than 3/5.

I’m talking Champion’s Seals. I tend to float in a world of my own.  If I’m not playing with the wife I’m coursing through on my own.  About the only place I needed to worry about the kindness of strangers … Continue reading

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Here and back again.

Just watched a documentary about J.R.R. Tolkien and decided to join the wife in Middle Earth for a bit. Our earlier couple, a Champion and a Burglar, were having a bit of difficulty in the Barrow Downs.  I guess when … Continue reading

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Jousting gets easier

I remember my first times jousting with the Valiants.  Time after time they sent me home, back to get a fresh mount, ego bruised.  But I got better. Firstly:  Always keep your shields at 3.  Always.  Let me repeat, always … Continue reading

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