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WoW Token Pricing

I just saw something that makes me want to capture it in a post. Over on WoW Token Info. The buy price of a token in the U.S., today, is 41,699 gold. In Europe, 83,842 gold. Europeans tend to be … Continue reading

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Legion, here we come.

I think I can call it good now. My new 3-day mage will see all of Draenor’s dungeons. And flight is in hand.  (With a Vial of Sands, the wife getting flight too just became a whole lot easier.)  (I … Continue reading

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Three days, and 30 levels a day.

That’s days played, so certainly longer than 3 calendar days. This would be Virillustris, my Frost Mage. He is mostly  a product of dungeon finder.  Fully outfitted in heirlooms he held his own on the damage charts.  I quested until … Continue reading

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Double jumping the shark?

The next expansion is announced and will feature the Demon Hunter as the new heroic class.  One of it’s heroic moves?  Double jumping.  Ala Wildstar. It looks cool, but is it too much? On the other hand, reaching 100+ levels, … Continue reading

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Garrisons, gold, & gliding.

I’ve been playing WoW daily, still.  If anything, I run through the followers on each of my level 90+ characters. I’m not gathering the resources anymore, and I’m not bothering to try and sell an i630 axe or staff anymore … Continue reading

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WoW is amazing.

A couple of days ago my screen started blacking out.  The system was running, but the screen would just go black.  Then it started happening on boot up.  System running, no screen.  Even the bios splash screen wasn’t showing. Obviously … Continue reading

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Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

WoW Insider, may she rest in peace, has returned as Blizzard Watch. My daily fix, with clean, uncluttered articles, to see what’s going on will continue without a hitch. I like the name too.

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