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My guild scares me. There’s nothing we can’t do. Tonight, on it’s 2nd serious Razorgore attempt, they kill it. I say “they” because, mid-raid, I gave up my spot for another Shaman. I figured if we were learning, he could … Continue reading

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Why is that Shaman in MC gear beating up on piglets outside of Orgrimmar? Ah, he must have respecced. In anticipation of a move overseas I’m making a few adjustments in playstyle. Since we started raiding, since about October of … Continue reading

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Not bad. Not bad at all. Took a bit of a vacation. Down Florida way. Beachside condo place. Small. No elite Sharks patrolling off shore. No murlocs even. Just some porpoises out there. Seemed so … safe. Came back to … Continue reading

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Postscript of a guild. Or? It was bound to happen. The usual end-game guild on the edge of a meltdown, forced to respond to new conditions, unable to go forward wearing it’s old clothes. A “casual” guild meant too many … Continue reading

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Good Lord. Patch Day Again? Albeit a small patch it still means I can’t log on after loading it. Was wanting to create a character on Sen’jin to check out the Bloggers. Might be fun. (And I would not be … Continue reading

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When does the Fat Lady sing? I’ve been browsing blogs for a few months now. What I find surprising, but is no surprise really, is how reaching 60 can be quite a let down for some. I remember when Kinless … Continue reading

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