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I don’t have a drinking problem. I do have a Brewfest problem.

I drink.  I get drunk.  I fall down.  No problem. I do have a problem with this year’s Brewfest.  Snooze & Booze for no Uuze Fest. Last year Msaker got on that racing ram put near every darn day and … Continue reading

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Satisfied. A note to the casual.

Ah. Oh, there’s a few more things I need yet.  A belt.  The matching leggings for the arena gear.  Perhaps the chest.  I’ll get my new weapons in Northrend.  The beta has shown me there is a cat form staff … Continue reading

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My altitis is more a neurosis than a psychosis.

There is something downright addictive about leveling up a character.  Not reaching max level, at least not for me, but simply leveling them up.  Or, better, advancing them.  “Leveling them up” implies “to the level cap.”  Advancing them simply means I … Continue reading


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Meat. I’m a steak-and-potatoes kind of Druid.

I’ve been working on my Cooking skill lately. When I transferred Greenclaw over to the Beta server his cooking wasn’t very high.  Over 300, but not that high.  So in the beta, when this recipe for Last Weeks Mammoth drops … Continue reading

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Flight for two. Justice. The Long Road.

Just a  collection of screenshots today. The first is the lovely Itarilde and I, flying above Terokkar Forest.  That’s right, she’s dinged 68.  🙂 The second is my Death Knight, Morticai, dispensing a little justice against the leadership of the … Continue reading

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Escaping the Mist

I left Warsong Hold last night with my Prot Warrior, Grorc.  I wound up down on a beach covered in mists. I was given a couple tasks to do there on that beach.  Recover some artifacts, some metal plates, and … Continue reading

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The many faces of WoW.

World of Warcraft is played in different ways by different types of gamers. I got to thinking today, after watching folks starting out in Warhammer actually, what’s driving these folks.  So I thought about the kinds of people I’ve run … Continue reading

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For Death Knights, Orange is the new Green.

Let me start off by saying I’ve completed the Death Knight introductory quests.  The experience just got better and better.  At one point you’ll be in a barracks, and you’ll be reintroduced to an old friend of yours, and it’ll … Continue reading

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Fun in the WoW Beta.

The lag’s been cleaned up a bit in the WoW Beta.  Or there are fewer people trying to log in and running around and it was improved for me so I could actually explore some. I got the arrows my Death … Continue reading

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WoW Beta Scam. If it’s from an Oxyhost address, it’s not real.

Remember that 2nd Beta key I told you about that I thought I’d just gotten?  Right on the heels of the first one? Well, I did not click on the link offered in the e-mail.  Hovering over it I now … Continue reading

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