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I don’t have a drinking problem. I do have a Brewfest problem.

I drink.  I get drunk.  I fall down.  No problem. I do have a problem with this year’s Brewfest.  Snooze & Booze for no Uuze Fest. Last year Msaker got on that racing ram put near every darn day and … Continue reading

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Satisfied. A note to the casual.

Ah. Oh, there’s a few more things I need yet.  A belt.  The matching leggings for the arena gear.  Perhaps the chest.  I’ll get my new weapons in Northrend.  The beta has shown me there is a cat form staff … Continue reading

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My altitis is more a neurosis than a psychosis.

There is something downright addictive about leveling up a character.  Not reaching max level, at least not for me, but simply leveling them up.  Or, better, advancing them.  “Leveling them up” implies “to the level cap.”  Advancing them simply means I … Continue reading

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Meat. I’m a steak-and-potatoes kind of Druid.

I’ve been working on my Cooking skill lately. When I transferred Greenclaw over to the Beta server his cooking wasn’t very high.  Over 300, but not that high.  So in the beta, when this recipe for Last Weeks Mammoth drops … Continue reading

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Flight for two. Justice. The Long Road.

Just a  collection of screenshots today. The first is the lovely Itarilde and I, flying above Terokkar Forest.  That’s right, she’s dinged 68.  🙂 The second is my Death Knight, Morticai, dispensing a little justice against the leadership of the … Continue reading

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Escaping the Mist

I left Warsong Hold last night with my Prot Warrior, Grorc.  I wound up down on a beach covered in mists. I was given a couple tasks to do there on that beach.  Recover some artifacts, some metal plates, and … Continue reading

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The many faces of WoW.

World of Warcraft is played in different ways by different types of gamers. I got to thinking today, after watching folks starting out in Warhammer actually, what’s driving these folks.  So I thought about the kinds of people I’ve run … Continue reading

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