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Hello fellow Kirin Torites.

I’m not sure how you’d refer to an inhabitant of the Kirin Tor Server. Kirin Tor-ites?  Kirin Tor-ins? Not that I’d object to Kirin Taurens.  But, you’ve got to admit, there’d be no use of a Tauren in the staff … Continue reading

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Tagged, I’m it. The 6th screenshot.

The meme happens to be the 6th screenshot in the 6th folder in the screenshots folder. The tag is courtesy of The Game Dame. Well, for starters, I lost a harddrive with EVERYTHING, almost, on it about a year ago.  … Continue reading

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All my characters gone?

We’ve just experienced a complete and total character reset, and everyone’s characters are gone.  Without any means of recovery. So posted Tobold earlier today. See, I’d just read the start of the post via AllTop, and not the rest, and … Continue reading


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Random Thoughts. And Darkfall’s “Dinner with Dahmer.”

Today’s post is a two parter. It was a originally a “Darkfall will fail” post. But then I thought, nobody cares about that, so why bother. I’ll post it at the end here since I spent time typing it up. … Continue reading

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A lack of taunt haunts me. Or… What’s that?

So there I was.  The lovely mage Effilda by my side.  I, the Paladin, guardian of his lady love, and together we would take on the enemies of Honor Hold. And let me say, Retribution is more fun than Reckoning. … Continue reading

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Love is in the air

LOVE IS IN THE AIR (John Paul Young) Love is in the air Everywhere I look around Love is in the air Every sight and every sound And I don’t know if I’m being foolish Don’t know if I’m being … Continue reading

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Woo! Next stop: Earth!

The Mrs. was on the rocket behind me as we blasted deeper into the Storm Peaks zone. It’s these kinds of rides that make we wish I’d just level an Engineer to the heights they’re capable of. Next stop: the … Continue reading

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I play what I want to play.

I was there, 2004, having to choose between EQ 2 and World of Warcraft. I never played EQ 1, and I had played a little bit of Warcraft.  I have some very fond memories of some matches played in the … Continue reading

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Orcs in space

Msaker and the lovely Orc Shaman Princess, Droonda, are aloft at last. Level 77 is such a spectacular ding to make since you’ve recovered your own private flying equipment. And, excuse me, it’s back to Sholazar Basin to stuff the … Continue reading

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I’m not even broken hearted.

I’m thinking: Definitely guy humor.  Everytime I find myself in Amberpine Lodge I use the facilities. I’ve got to say, this outhouse is just one of soooo many cool new things in the expansion.  Not a day doesn’t go by … Continue reading

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