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One of those “Singular” moments.

I knew I was going to push for this this holiday weekend.  Voila: Flight! This really, really is cool.  This is one of many highlights. The Druid has to be one of the more fun classes to play. Flightform.  There … Continue reading

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Denied grinding for levels is a loss. Druids: Wild. Xp

I play with my wife.  We do quests together.  Hey, that’s great.  There’s lots of quests.  And I enjoy it.  Right now, as Druids, it basically feels like we’ve hacked the game.  In bear form she takes hardly any damage … Continue reading

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Sets reflect the spice.

My raiders don’t have nearly enough bag space now.  And it’s because of all the gear. Stormsoul has a very nice +healing set of gear.  (Yes, I know +spell power is coming.)  It’s mostly Karazhan and Serpentshrine Cavern epics.  He’s … Continue reading

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Florida vacation pwned by Fay. Beta? Alltop.

Up my way in Georgia, it’s been kind of a dry summer.  When Fay rolled in we were thinking, “Great, the plants will be watered while we’re gone.”  Gone to visit family down in Florida.  But what’s good for our … Continue reading

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The timeless look.

I snapped the photo that became the new header the other night in Orgrimmar. We’d just farmed up the last of the primals required to craft the lovely Droonda a Storm Helm.  And there with her Shattered Sun Offense tabard, … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Tanks and trends

I was reading WoW Insider and they had a recent article up that caught by interest.  It was about tanking in the Wrath of the Lich King. Supposedly, any class that can tank, can tank the regular up-coming five-man content, … Continue reading

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All our honor are belong to us.

I hate those mothers.  They have great concern for our welfare no doubt, that’s why I refer to them as *mothers* (when those mothers may just as easily be kindly hearted brothers, sisters, dads, layabouts, rascals, and/or scoundrals), that manage to tut, … Continue reading

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