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Close enough! Ding, 2015!

Happy New Years folks.

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About dang time! Ding, 100!

My first character has finally reached 100. It’s the same one that visited all the Cataclysm dungeons in order to help the wife’s level 80 Deathknight, deleted and restored, reach 85 without doing more quests than required to get an … Continue reading

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Savoring the slow crawl through Draenor.

When I’m in my favorite steak house, and the steak arrives and it’s cooked just right, I take very small bites, savoring each one.  “Mmmm mmm.  That’s some tasty steak.” I’m doing the same with Draenor.  This is evidenced by having … Continue reading

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Hearthstone and the Hearthsteed.

So I get this e-mail in the mail.  (My e-mail was the graphic with the steed on black, not the image below, which I grabbed off the internet.) I’m thinking “They’ll want my account info, password, bank info…” But, no, it’s legit. … Continue reading

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