Double jumping the shark?

The next expansion is announced and will feature the Demon Hunter as the new heroic class.  One of it’s heroic moves?  Double jumping.  Ala Wildstar.

It looks cool, but is it too much?

On the other hand, reaching 100+ levels, why aren’t we more like Illidian Stormrage, less like Marshal Dughan of Goldshire.

Bonus plus: Elves only.  (No gnome deathknights, thank you. Finally a class and race that honors lore, and does not cater to “I play what I want.”

The new Tauren have moose antlers.  We find the good vyrkul.

I think TAGN predicted more f’ing Orcs.  😉  We finally got an elf-centric expansion.  Nice.

On the gold front my Deathknight is nearly to 95,000 gold of his own.  (Or 244K total.  There isn’t really much to spend it on.)

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3 Responses to Double jumping the shark?

  1. Yeah, I predicted F2P or more effing orcs and didn’t get either. Not that I am sad. Outrageous predictions are fun, even when they are wrong.

    The winning predicting would seem to have been “more of the same while looting features from Diablo III.” The Demon Hunter is a D3 class and the word is that the new transmog system will be lifted from D3 as well. Now will we get an adventure mode like D3 as well to keep us busy when were at level cap again?

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  3. Kinless says:

    I suppose it’s pretty much free to play if you can keep looting the garrison quests. Not sure if that’s an easy 20k a month anymore.

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