Garrisons, gold, & gliding.

I’ve been playing WoW daily, still.  If anything, I run through the followers on each of my level 90+ characters.

I’m not gathering the resources anymore, and I’m not bothering to try and sell an i630 axe or staff anymore for the once astonishing 10,000 gold.

I’ve been making gold, and picking up i655 and i670 gear, just running the little money-making machine called my garrison.

Every time I got close to having 200,000 gold (!) I went and did a mega-purchase.

The first was the Vial of Sands so I can turn into a FLYING taxi for my wife.  (I actually picked it up for 22,000 gold, when it now sells for 44,000 gold or more.)  22,000 was actually cheaper than the base mats alone. And it meant my archealogist could at last stop looking for the required drop.

I then picked up a mechano-hog.  Rather, I had to spend the money on my Alliance character, who are poorer overall than my Horde characters, because the only two choppers were being sold as Alliance mounts, so not visibile to a Horde at the auction house.  However, upon learning it, it’s available then as a chopper to the Alliance, and as the hog to the Horde.  Now I’m a mechanical taxi for my wife.  And it meant my engineer didn’t have to worry about farming any more rep with the Valguard folks.  (And the parts for that aren’t cheap either.)

And while I was on a roll, I picked up the Ice Mammoth that can carry two passengers.  Something I’d never done because it cost several thousand gold.  Something I never had, not like this, until the Garrisons came around.

Now I’m on track to regain 200,000 gold, just doing Garrisons, next week.

My three main characters are decked out in low level epics.

My followers are all 25/25 i675 armor and weapons.

I didn’t originally care whether we flew in Draenor or not.  (I got the dragon so I could fly around Panderia, Outlands, etc., with my wife, who had not yet gotten flying in Panderia.  I got the chopper/hog because I’d always wanted one.  I got the mammoth because… Why not?)

But now I do care about flying around Draenor.  Why?  For something to work on again.

I paraphrase a baseball legend, garrizon been berra berra good to me.

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