2014, for what it was.

Ah, 2014.  Coming back from a year overseas I was about to get my life back.  And that included a little gaming.

Landmark.  The wife had gotten interested in something called, back then, Everquest Next Landmark.  I got my own Founders Pack as soon as I had a machine again that could play it.  I was in on the final weeks of Alpha, and have been playing in the Closed Beta since then.  “Playing” is probably overly broad.  “Logging in and paying rent,” is a more apt phrase.  For building buildings, it’s great.  And the ones really devoted to building can do some incredible things.  It also seems a few “voxelmancers” are teaching Sony, and the engine developer too, what the engine is capable of.  They’ve now introduced, finally! for some, combat.  Bunny hopping, circle strafing, if your melee you’re doing it wrong, combat.  Some suggest that’s what EQN is going to be like.  Probably too late, and means I’ll likely take a pass on EQN.  EQ and EQII appear to be deep and rich.  It would seem they want EQN to be superficial.  Their business.

Archeage.  Was I interested in it?  Was I looking for something new?  Sure.  Was it?  No.  Reminded me a lot of Lineage (it would) and the cheesy character models (everyone is 16 and beautiful to a fault, except the hideously abhorrent models).  Their implementation of a pay-to-play cash shop convinced me it’d be a pass though.  Add to that the hackers and botters and, oh my, d.o.a..  Even paying a subscription wasn’t going to get me as far as cheating would.

Wildstar.  Loved the game.  Loved the style.  Loved the humor.  But I’m not playing it.  I’m already paying one sub.

World of Warcraft.  The comfortable pair of shoes I’ve had for ten years now.  I had to make a table in order to track progress on all my characters towards their Level 2 Garrisons.  I’ve got eight of them now.  One of those has graduated now to Level 3, and tonight, maybe, my 2nd character dings 100 and I get a 2nd Level 3 Garrison.  Then I worry about more mounts, more companions.  And after leveling Archaeology from 0 to 600+ just to work towards heirloom pants, I think I could work on my pet battles too.

2015?  Nothing new on my horizon.

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