Wow, these are some changes afoot.

AOL is shutting down WoW Insider, Joystiq, and Massively.  A great pity.  I went to WoW Insider pretty much every day for years and years.  Even if I wasn’t subbed, like I was in a war zone or something, I could go visit and keep tabs on my favorite game.  (Things like WoW Insider was probably keeping AOL modern and relevant.)

I read WoW Insider for the guides, the upcoming things, the funnies, and tips to some pretty fun wow videos.  Like The Lament of Capt. Placeholder.

And over at my Landmark beta, Sony Entertainment Online has been sold to an investment company and has renamed itself Daybreak Gaming Company.  These are the guys that brought us Everquest.  Now they’re being sold off to who knows what kind of fate is in store for them.  (Overall opinion is It’s not a good thing.)

Like Todd Hoffman over at Gold Rush might say, “What the frick is going on???”

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1 Response to Wow, these are some changes afoot.

  1. EchoNotEcho says:

    Not to be a pedant, but Verant Interactive brought us Everquest. A case can easily be made for the fact that SOE fooked it up in a lot of ways.

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