WAR. What if they had a war without tanks or medicine?

How quick would we throw up the white flag of surrender if we, as a faction, failed to bring tanks and healers to a fight?  However quick the points from two, then three, flags generates from the enemy who seem to have an endless supply of tanks and healers.

What’s up with Order?  My last scenario, Nordenwatch, but of course, we had one single tank, who cried about a lack of heals, one single healer, actually a rune priest, and the rest were DPS types.  At least five Bright Wizards a couple Shadow Warriors, some Witch Hunters.  Can you steamroll in reverse?  Can you say “The Mother of All Retreats?”

Aren’t Ironbreakers ridiculously overpowered?  Bashing everyone into lava and such?  Why doesn’t everyone want to play a Stunty?  And how about those robes and swirling elegance and grace?  Doesn’t that spell out “M1 Abrams” in the Language of Love?  Don’t we all want to play Swordmasters?  Uhm, no.  I do, but not all of us.

Are the Knights of Burning Sun the answer to Order woes?  Will non-Stunty, non-Dresswearer, be the class to which Order will flock and provide at long last the tanks required to fight a proper WAR?

Or will the Dark Elf tanks be too cool for school and Destruction will get one more cool tanking class and Order will continue being the faction of squishy, “hold the bridge at all costs,” side?  Because I think the Dark Elf tanks will be cool.  I picture dual wielders as opposed to greatweapons, or maybe glaives vs. greatswords.

The Chosen are cool.  The Black Orcs are too.  Me, personally, I like Swordmasters.  Call me elitist.

I hope the KotBS are the answer to Order tanking woes.


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2 Responses to WAR. What if they had a war without tanks or medicine?

  1. Matt says:

    Honestly I think the Order tank shortage has a lot to do with dwarves wearing skirts.

  2. Kinless says:

    They’re in dresses too? I guess that’s not a surprise when your inside seam is 0″. I suppose they’re wearing kilts. 🙂

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