After a long drive, nothing quite hits the spot like brains.  Lots of brains!

Get infected and you become a zombie monster.  Allies, enemies, etc., you can attack them all.  And infect them with a lust for brains as well.

Lots of ways of being infected.  Be in the vicinity of a zombie that’s exploded.  Be infected by another player retching on you.  There are some suspicious boxes down in Booty Bay on the docks.  There are infected vermin throughout the cities.  Once you are infected, go to town.  Once you die, you’re cured except for the most likely pvp flagging you have to wait five minutes cooldown to lose.

Sometimes it’s good to be bad.

This really was a mindless, excuse the pun, bit of gameplay.  And a lot of fun to boot.


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2 Responses to Brains.

  1. anon says:

    i disagree, it is not fun to suddenly be attacked by a zombie (not even another player) and have to die, and run back to wherever you were, all because of some stupid plague. it’s inconvenient, if anything and it disrupts game play.

  2. Kinless says:

    Lorewise, the Scourge was a huge inconvenience to the good people of Lordaeron.

    Their bankers were killed, their families, the reagent vendors, and the blacksmith who repaired gear. In turn they became simple minded zombies, and in time some gained freedom and became the Forsaken.

    You could easily say the citizens of Stratholme had their gameplay disrupted when Arthas came and griefed them.

    I enjoyed it. Others don’t. My Paladin was immune, my Druid wasn’t. I dealt with it. And while my brain eating days are over, I still get a chuckle out of it.

    You’ve got to keep in mind it’s not all about you.

    If you don’t like the story being told, log out and let it skip ahead.

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