The new looks in WoW.

I have given most of my characters an updated look courtesy of the barber shops.

Arcarius was given a white Mr. T mohawk.  Msaker kept his pony tail, but it’s white now, and shaved his beard and is left with gray stubble.  Honorus, the old soldier, has taken a decidedly more “wild” look, just like the King’s in Stormwind City.  (This is how he looked with the “Soldier” haircut.)  Makes him look like some Zen Master or something.  I like it.  And Stormsoul got his horns bleached.  Anyway, the reason for all the white hair is that these are my oldest characters, and I wanted them to to have matured some.


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2 Responses to The new looks in WoW.

  1. Mama Druid says:

    I hadn’t thought of using the barbershop to show how my character’s have matured. That’s a really great idea!

  2. Kinless says:

    I forget to mention Darkhand. How could I forget, he’s my 2nd oldest character. He too is sporting white hair, and his long hair has been tied into a long braid in back, pulled off his face, and his “rock-and-roll band” side burns and ‘stache have been replaced with a Chuck Norris “groomed” look. He’s older, but looks deadly still, all the deadlier from the 52 levels of experience he’s seen, and it’s kind of gave him a new lease on life. I’m wanting to play him more again. Kind of reinvigorated everyone, to include myself. At last it’s me, the virtual mes that is, that’s changed, and not just my gear and levels. I feel more sympathetic towards them all.

    The wife gave her Forsaken Mage a new ‘do, the tall “Marge Simpson” look, and wouldn’t you know it, we’re in Stranglethorn doing quests on characters we haven’t played in months. The two of us, level 44 Mage and Priest, soloing Gorlash, that elite Giant and then rocking the Trolls.

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