Was WoW’s end-game really nerfed? Uh, yeah.

Even we think so.  We’re good, but Saturday night we went back to Mount Hyjal, visited once before the patch, and one-shotted four bosses to wind up standing before Archimonde before calling it a night.  Last night we went to the Black Temple for the first time as a guild, and wound up killing, one-shotting, the Shade of Akama, Supremus, Najentus, Teron Gorefiend, and Bloodboil.  We called it a night staring at the Reliquary of Souls.

We got lucky in that our Frost Mage, a great player, wound up being the first ghost on the Teron Gorefiend fight.  He could probably solo the place, but he was the first, the constructs weren’t an issue, and I saw Teron Gorefiend downed for the first time.  (I ran into him for the first time months ago with a different guild.)

I got the “Jenkins” title on two characters.  On the first trip through UBRS, after we’d gotten our titles, we wound up killing Gyth so fast Rend didn’t spawn and we killed the event.  The gates didn’t open again and we had to hearth out.

And, I’ve got to say, seeing the Reliquary of Souls was incredible.  So much thought was put into that encounter, and so few people had a chance to go see it.  It’s like Blizzard reserved that bottle of Dom Perignon just for close friends and acquaintances and the rest of us were expected to be out eating cheeze dip and crackers and drinking Ripple off the card tables with paper tablecloths and liking it.

It may have been nerfed, this end-game, but it’s like Blizzard is offering up an Open House to it’s end-game before it disappears forever under a wave and an auction house full of better greens.

If you haven’t gotten into raiding yet, now’s the time to be looking for a PUG.  Not for the loot, that’s just a benny at this point, but even just to get in there and take a look.

Edit: I’ve added the screenshot.  This is the Essence of Desire from the Reliquary of Souls.

Mind blowing, acid trip, type stuff.


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2 Responses to Was WoW’s end-game really nerfed? Uh, yeah.

  1. dwaede says:

    They stated a little while ago that when patch 3.0.2 drops they will lower all raid bosses health by 30% and decrease the damage they put out by 30%. So couple that with better abilities and you have alot of easy boss encounters.

  2. Herc says:

    Yup It’s nice to see Blizzard letting as many people see more of their content before the gear wipe.

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