While some level Inscription to 425, the servers won’t stay up for more than five minutes. RMT I don’t like.

As sure as the sun rose today I know there are people who’ve leveled Inscription to 425 already.  And they’re selling the good inscriptions in the Auction House as I speak.

And I’m not really sure how they did it.  I can’t really confirm it though.  The World Server keeps going down every five minutes, and when I log back on I’m back where I started.  I can’t set my talent trees, much less set my gear set, but, like I said, there’s folks this morning who’ve mastered Inscriptions in a night and are wondering “Is that all there was?”  I’d bet RMT on it.

That article over on Tobold’s, the RMT one above, is enlightening.  I’m pretty disappointed with Blizzard about it though.  It’s bad enough folks bought gold for cash in order to achieve world firsts.  No stopping that I guess.  Right?  Buy enough flasks, max every raid members leatherworking, and be winners!  But people are weak, aren’t they though?, and all the money in their bank account, their real life bank account, won’t be enough to dump into the black hole of an addiction.  Just one more version of the angel wings (because certainly there will be an achievement for it!) and ten more mounts, today dammit, right now!, because there’s more and more and more to have and more.  I kind of like the sandbox approach.  You all come in the same, paying your entry fee, and what you make in the sand is on you.  Build castles, smash those of other people, make cars and monsters.  It’s all what you can do on the same level playing field as anyone else.  Once Blizzard lets you buy titles, gear, appearances, it’s downhill from there.  Consider that the TCG tabards are $90 each.  You’ve seen a few of those around.  11 million players at $14 a month, and they need to do this?  I don’t think so.  Restore the time of innocence, where spending real money for in-game advantage/prestige, was a banneable offense and not a business case for making more money.

Well, what started as a gripe about the world server stability this morning wound up being a rant about RMT.  Sorry.

Anywho, back to trying to log on.  The wife’s managed to stay logged on for a good bit now.  At least my vacation time server isn’t down.


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