Going on way more than three years. The slowest leveler in the world.

I was testing out some new WordPress designs for the website. I think I still like this one the best.

Anyway, one of the other designs included an obvious archives list and I jumped back in time to December 2005.  That’s going on three years almost.  Three damn years.  That’s a lot.

And where was I back then?  Was I some noob, wondering where the auction house was?  Wondering where Crossroads was and why everyone was there?

No way.  I was raiding Zul’Gurub.  We were in the first days of raiding Molten Core.  I’d been 60 for a while already by December of 2005.  I’d easily go so far to say as I was probably level 60 three years ago today.

Are you grasping my point?

Here it is: I spent three years between levels 60 and 70.  THREE YEARS to level up ten levels.

Could it be that Blizzard is releasing expansions too slowly?

Because I am not a fast leveler, not by a long shot.  You folks are reading the blog of someone who, get this for craziness, did not buy a second account just to take advantage of speed leveling and a Zhevra mount.  Can you imagine?  I didn’t do it.

But to spend a solid three years and to have as the only change an increase in 10 levels?

Granted, in the same three years I leveled Msaker (then known as Oddity) from level 32 to 70 as well.

And Greenclaw and Itarilde, they weren’t even born yet.  And they’re 70 and 68 respectively today.

Can you tell it’s been a long three years?

And you know what?  I’m loving Warhammer Online.  Yeah, it’s new.  It’s got great graphics.  I’m enjoying how the classes are playing.  But I ain’t leaving World of Warcraft.  Because that 3 years at level 60+ has provided me countless hours of entertainment, and so many more hours are on the immediate horizon, and then there’s the NEXT expansion to await.  Will it be the Emerald Dream, and our Druids will have a homecoming with Cenarius?  Time will tell.  And we’ll be there.


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