WoW Token Pricing

I just saw something that makes me want to capture it in a post.

Over on WoW Token Info.

The buy price of a token in the U.S., today, is 41,699 gold.

In Europe, 83,842 gold.

Europeans tend to be a lot more hardcore, and into things.  (Consider how much more popular Alf and Baywatch’s David Hasselhoff are there.  Just saying.)

In China, 83,266 gold.

We all suspect we knew where gold farmers are from.  (I don’t believe prisoners have as much fun playing though.)

In Taiwan, 172,950 gold.  Say what?  (With a peak at 250,670 gold.  Looks like the goal of draining the bank accounts has been working.  But, still.  In America,  the peak was 55,754 gold.  A sign that we probably enjoy spending more than saving.)

In Korea, 181,163 gold.  (I saw peaks hitting 209,805 gold.  It takes me, with all my garrisons, and I probably have too many, months and months to earn that much gold.  Seriously, what game are they even playing that 1 month of playtime can possibly be worth 209,805 gold?)

When you hear a title is a “grind fest” what do you automatically think?  Me too.

WoW Token pricing actually follows patterns that you’d expect.  Interesting.


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