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You’ve come a long way, Baby. Again.

The wife finally beat me to Dalaran.  Mages get in at 71!   Nerf Mages. Honorus is sleeping on a cot down below in Star’s Rest.

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Expand the previous expansion.

Blizzard can blow open some bottlenecks in their old content. The wife and I are leveling through the Outlands now.  We’ll be leaving as soon as we both hit level 68. I plotted out a course for our two couples.  … Continue reading

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Queen of Orgrimmar

No, Thrall.  It is *you* that have failed to receive the memo.  After all, Lady Sylvanas got it. Now, release the fish.  And it will be like we never were here. (Apparently they’ve fixed the “phased fishing” in Orgrimmar.  Sigh.)

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Me of There. Tag Team hardly chivalric.

Hard to believe, but I’m not Exalted with any of my home cities on any of my characters. In fact, I’m not Exalted with any city with anyone.  (Shattrath aside, but that doesn’t really count for this exercise.) How does … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Eggs

Droonda and Msaker have gone into the animal husbandry business.  Into the egg hatching business in particular. The Oracles give a nifty reward at Revered with them.  They’ll sell you eggs you can spend a week keeping warm and hatching.  … Continue reading

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Will the last sane person please close the hatch?

Freaks. Arrogant American Organization view of Canadians. Alliance are the pure hearts, Horde are blood caked baby seal slaughterers, supposedly Canadians with accents from the American South. Just all around insulting to everyone. Gamers, activitists, Canadians, Southerners, fur wearers, you … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know it.

So there we were.  Cenotaph and Ombria, the wife’s and mine Deathknights, in the Bone Wastes, at Auchindoun, looking at a quest giver. The only living beings we’d come across were a Forsaken and another Blood Elf Death Knight.  There … Continue reading

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