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Nightswimming at the Mines of Moria

Finally we get to the Mines of Moria, the wife and I. Here is Giselher, waiting for the Watcher to makes his appearance, awed by the harvest moon.  (Maybe you dwarves can throw a few more rocks, you fools.) Regarding … Continue reading

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Ages past there was a tribe of Elves who called themselves “Children of the Stars” in their native tongue.  Their feral traits, dusky skins, and dark hair gained them the name “Night Elves.”  The Night Elf young would start their lives and early careers … Continue reading

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Rift Beta

I’ll get to the Rift beta.  But first, this… Currently, as one of the more erudite bloggers may have said, I can’t really be arsed about Cataclysm lately. I’ve done the math.  In order for my leatherworker to create a set … Continue reading

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Many miles to the milestone

Zoiks.  I missed a milestone. I was looking at the archives in the sidebar to the right, and I noted I’d posted in December 2010 *and* December 2005.  Five years I’ve been posting here. Wow. Anyway, I’m saving up some … Continue reading

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Yep, a Zep.

This years Christmas present way made up for last years lame Red Rider BB Gun. It’s a Zeppelin.  That you fly.  In 3D.  With a gun that shoots other zeppelins, and other devices too apparently.  It leaves air mines.  It’s … Continue reading

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Waterlogged, but safe. Too safe?

My Alliance Hunter, not part of a duo with the wife, took the lead in exploring some of the new content opened up when Deathwing and the Naga decided to wake up and cut loose. At level 82 and a … Continue reading

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Dream on, Thrall. Dream on.

Pretty human girl by his side that’s not all conflicted with her bad boy male friends? Check. Flying colors while flying?  Check. Knife fight with Deathwing going down?  You can double check that factoid. Oh, yeah, Martek’s got it going … Continue reading

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